Trade union bill could challenge disputes among workers

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Trade union bill could challenge disputes among workers

Trade union laws that government proposed can cause a disagreement among employees and they would be forced to use some extreme tactics.

Francis Maude and Vince Cable appointed Bruce Carr in 2013 so he could review British strike legislation. He stated that that trade union bill is seen as some type of exercise which was used to settle old scores. The union may be provoked to use different tactics, for example, to demonstrate outside of director’s house.

_75667083_cablemaudeHe was set up to guide the review regarding strike legislation because David Cameron has concerned the Unite union is using leverage tactics and they will search the houses of executives of Ineos, chemical company.

In his blog, Carr has stated that draft legislation doesn’t have any positive side that Trade Union Congress can see. That’s why these confrontations will be hard to solve.

Based on this bill any action will have to be concluded within four months. Two weeks are designed for giving a notice and this action will leave only three and half months in which the union will have the time to act.

Carr thinks that union will resort to more ultimate forms of action in order to avoid costs and legal lawsuits and employers may be subjected to use tactics of delay.

DSUFrom both sides, employer and unions, industrial discord may not be purposive, in fact it may take even worse path because they all want to set everything in the right place within the arranged time.

Carr stated that the fight between junior doctors and health secretary Jeremy Hunt would have serious turn, if they were introduced with a bill and applied within four months.

Few moths after ministers announced new strike laws, Carr’s review has been frozen.

If a new bill passes, he will make changes regarding Trade Union and Labor Relations. By this bill, strike will be approved only when 50% of voters are for that action. For any important public service majority will have to approve in 40%.

Some of the experts from oversees have doubts regarding this matter and  thinks that this matter is yet to be under discussion to visit read more .